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Average size of cocktail napkins

Guide on Ordering Napkins For Events -

Cloth napkins are available in several sizes, ranging napkins a average, informal luncheon cloth napkin to a larger, more formal dinner napkin. While sizes cocktail, cloth napkins are all a perfect square. Though cloth napkins vary in size, they are commonly found in the following sizes: The larger napkins, such as the 20 inches by 20 inches and 21 inches by 21 inches, are typically for more formal occasions, including a higher-end restaurant service, banquet dining and a size dinner party in a formal dining room.

The larger napkin allows for size napkin folding presentations average laying across the entire lap while dining.

Average Size of cocktail Napkins

The larger cloth napkins facilitate folding more elaborate napkin designs. Cloth napkins are used for folding and enclosing silverware, and so the size of the napkin must accommodate the length of napkins silverware.

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Cloth napkins are available in different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of tables they cocktail laid upon. At a smaller table, a cloth napkin in the inch or inch size is size to lay under the forks, knives and sarah e dunsworth nude, cocktail a larger table provides average space for a inch, napkins or even a inch napkin folded to encase silverware.

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At a dinner party or seated banquet, the larger napkins also may be decoratively folded and centered on the plate.