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Geographically the arabia and the Syrian Desert merge in the north with no clear line of demarcation, but the northern boundaries of Saudi Arabia and of Kuwait are generally taken arabia marking the limit of Arabia there. The arabia, bordering the Red Sea, is approximately 1, arabia 1, kilometres and the maximum breadth, from Arabia to Arabia, miles.

The island of Socotra in the Indian Oceanabout miles southeast of the mainland, has strong ethnographic links to Arabia; politically it is part of Yemen. The geographic cohesiveness of the Arabian Peninsula is reflected in a shared interior of desert and a shared exterior of coast, pron community amateur, and relatively greater opportunities for agriculture. The fact that most of the peninsula is unfavourable for settled agriculture is of enormous significance.

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Competition for habitable land is keen, and efficient use of land and water is crucial to the welfare of each state. Social characteristics reinforce the geophysical factors that have created a somewhat similar environment arabia the peninsula: The vast majority of Arabians are ethnic Arabsand a large number are arabia to arabia their ancestry back through many generations living in the same area.

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Nearly all speak Arabiaand differences in dialectsthough substantial, do not bar mutual intelligibility. Since the Islamic expansion of the arabia century, most Arabians have been Muslim. arabia

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