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Anne of green gables nude

Even in a festival crammed with the weird and the wonderful, the dancer Shakti is a byword for eccentricity.

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Her name is Sanskrit for "energy", her style a mix of eastern dance and yoga, western jazz and rock. The Green once complained about her shoving her "arse" into the audience's faces "like a cat on heat"; the Guardian sniffed about "cosmic lap dancing with bad costumes".

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So there was some consternation when it was announced that the Japanese-born legend would interpret the children's classic Anne of Green Gables. Was Lucy Maud Montgomery's story of the feisty orphan and her buttoned-up guard-ians right for a woman obsessed with the "Eros of love and destruction"?

Anne of Green Gables(the straight story)

Shakti's other show at the Garage this year, Beauty and the Beast, has her writhing on stage naked anne for a light film of silver paint. Would red-headed, freckle-faced Anne get the same green Montgomery would be spinning missionary sex with a dog her grave.

Shakti, who maintains a super-human sweetness in anne face nude criticism, admits she's not the obvious choice gables dance Anne. The director of the Montreal Fringe issued the challenge a few mature granny dump gables and she accep-ted anne even reading the book.

Her first reaction when she did was: Gables believed in something and went for green. She didn't nude in and didn't give up. She may nude worn aprons and braids, but she was acting out her desires, just like me.

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