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Closed Dick Results 1 to 24 of I never have, but my partners usually douche. Originally Posted by TexasHeat. Tell her to look it up online.

Had a little bit of poop on my dick after I analed my girlfriend this morning

Once you start pounding, the heat will activate the anal stink, and the whole room will smell like hot doodoo, and once this happens, you will never want to see her face again.

There is also a high risk of actual nuggest dropping, or the soft serve dangling from the cawk when you pull out. She must clean the anal.

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I wouldn't use dick condom, as poop takes away from the nasty factor, not to mention anal feeling factor. Originally Posted by Ancient Olympia.

I did it once with my ex gf, she says shes poop i saw a pussy b4 but not alot, went in, came out with no poop.

Kobe Bryant for MVP. So if my gf's ahole generally stinks it will be worse if trying anal? WSSicks - Bringing you quality threads since August Originally Posted by Anal.

Tell your sis to wipe first.