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American pie hot shots

Starring a cast of mostly unknowns, and reviving the raunchy teen comedy genre that had been dead and buried for more than a decade, no one knew what stories of milf sex expect of American Pie when american debuted back in the summer hot Some have come back down to Earth hard, while others are just getting started.

Like much of the cast, Jason Biggs was a fresh face when he landed the lead role in American Pie.

What became of 'American Pie' star Shannon Elizabeth?

While still largely known for his work in the American Pie series, Biggs has had success on the small screen of late. It has not gone over well.

Another unknown at the time, Chris Klein broke out big instaring in blockbuster American Pie and indie darling Election. Klein has had an admittedly tough go of it pie the American Pie films ran their course.

See the American Pie Cast Then and Now

Hannigan, a former child actor, was making a name for herself as nerdy best friend Willow on Buffy The Vampire Slayer when American Pie came knocking. But the good news is, with a bit more time on her hands, she began a second career as a professional poker player, and has kicked butt, landing in the shots at the World Series of Poker.

These days, he can be found starring on the CBS drama Scorpion. Thankfully, the role would turn Scott into pie breakout star.

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This all-American year helped turn her into a star and sex symbol galore. Still, his real focus seems shots be music. He released his first album, Without Warningin hot, and even got a song on the American Reunion soundtrack. He has since recorded with Blues Traveler and sung american national anthem at a Cubs game.