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Am i bisexual or bicurious quiz

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Up until recently, homosexuality has been cap dagde nude quite taboo. In the past, those who were attracted to and engaged in intimate relationships with members of the same sex were forced to lead secret lives. Bicurious were relentlessly persecuted and many had their lives and careers completely destroyed when their secrets were revealed as homosexuality was seen as dirty, sinful, and immoral.

Orientation Quiz: Are you Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, or Bi-Curious

Homosexuals were treated as sub-humans. Sadly, these attitudes persist today in many parts of the world and will likely persist into the future. Fortunately, homosexuality is becoming much more acceptable as the population becomes more enlightened and educated on the subject.

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The times are definitely changing. A lot of people are quite confused quiz to who they really are.

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This is especially true of the younger generation. There is a gray area in which people can be attracted bisexual both genders.