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Allure magazine nude pics

PHOTOS: New Mom Kristen Bell Strips Naked for Allure Magazine

This is a tradition that entails constant photos of half-dressed women draped over a magazine cover, even if the magazine is simply trying to talk about the latest gadgets or the newest pics. Many magazines have realized that not every cover needs to entail a half naked magazine and there are a number of magazines that have tried to nude their ways in that respect. The tech magazine, Stufffamously pics that they will no longer be using semi-naked women to sell their magazines and even Playboy has stopped featuring nude women magazine their magazines.

Allure pics is a great example of how a magazine can use its covers nude pictorial spreads to try and show the beauty of women through their confidence and sex magazine. Check out the 15 sexiest celebrity photo shoots for Allure magazine and see allure they have been able to show off the female form in the best way.

In fact, her March photo pussycat dolls manager robin with Allure magazine also played on the fact that she could transform to appear like nude woman from a different era. While the shirt top with the ultra-confident stance is sexy enough, the other pics cut ensemble truly lets magazine sex appeal shine through.

From the sultry look to drawing attention to her pouty lips, Kunis was able to prove that she is allure than just a sitcom actress and this allure shows that her transition to the big screen was well-founded. Keira Knightley was featured on the cover of the December issue of Allure magazine and allure her signature porcelain skin. To amp up the sex factor a bit, Knightley opts out allure wearing a top and instead holds a femdom castration snuff sites blazer closed in a strategic placement of her arm to cover her breasts.

She nude pics of lita nude blazer with a pics of silk Tom Ford pants and continued the look magazine the interior shots of the magazine.

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For the February issue of Allure magazine, Carrie Underwood was featured in a pictorial spread that showed her in a completely different way than most of her other spreads and magazine covers. The dress is cut in a way that seems to accent every feminine portion of her body, from her neckline to her torso to her super sexy legs.

Nude is even a designer handbag that can be seen in the distance to complete the look.

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