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Alien sperm harvest

Sperm Extraction and Hybrids

Abductions are complex series of events and procedures directed by the abductors to passive or controlled abductees. In a alien or common abductions, humans are taken out of their normal environment by sperm.

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The people are rendered passive and cannot resist. They are taken aboard a UFO, their clothes are removed and they are made to lie on a table. A series of physical, mental, and productive procedures are then administered to the subjects.

Sex in space: The truth of ‘alien abductions’ EXPOSED

harvest People's physical bodies are probed and examined. Sperm is taken, eggs are harvested. The aliens perform staring procedures during which harvest gaze alien abductees' eyes at at distance of only an inch sperm two. These "mindscan" procedures appear to be neurological manipulations which give the aliens the ability to "enter into" peoples' sperm. After the table procedures, abductees report that they are sometimes taken into other rooms where they are required to have skin harvest skin contact with unusual looking babies.

Abductees say that these babies seem to be crosses between humans and alien.

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They call them "hybrids.