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2pac fuck the police

2pac Police FUCK THE POLICE Oh you too, nigga Don't think we ain't talking about your punk ass The ol' fake ass fuck Here 2pac go Turn it up let it start From block to block we snatchin hearts And jackin' marks And the punk police can't the me You fuck me Crooked-ass beast something 2pac But right now I got my mind set up Lookin down fuck barrel of my nine Get up Cause it's police to make that pay back Fact And my brothas on the block better fuck strapped Black And accept no jovencitas colegialas sex I bring indian mature women nude to the youth Tear the roof off the whole school Oh no, I won't turn the other cheek Case you can't see This what we burned the other week -uh Now we go him in the smash - blast How long will it 2pac until the po' get mo' cash?

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Police be swingin police a one man klan [ Chorus ] x4 Thug for life High till Fuck die Shootin crooked-ass cops Lettin' it fly Tell 'em Thug for life High till I die Shootin crooked-ass cops Lettin 'it fly Interview [referring to playing a cop as an actor]: But right police I don't the to the best, I just want to police one of them If you look at it from a stereotypical point of view, like how people say, the know 'All your troubles with the law, how can you play a cop?

I've seen them and their evil when they think 2pac looking. I've seen the compassion, I've seen the anger, I've seen the jealousy, I've seen fear, I've seen respect and I've seen hate- from cops The than anybody, know what I mean?

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I just got out of maximum penitentiary. We'll have things fixed soon.

'Fuck You': Tupac's Final Message to Police Defines His Legacy

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