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Another shot from my collection of Sylvia McFarland images and this one is another different view of her and one I particularly like!

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This comes from a set of Sylvia posing in and on premature cum index retro style space like bunk bed. Plus just a hint of 1970 dark hairy pussy between her raised leg.

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A restored 35mm colour slide of Marianne Morris posing nude by the fireplace sent over by Paul from Firebird Records. I first came across this beauty several years ago in a copy of Busen 1970. I was instantly captivated by her and those small perky tits.

But what really caught me nudes the view through those tights of her hairy pussy and the tease of her sliding 1970 hand into the tights.

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I now have several sets of her by Howard Rourke including 32 shots of her wearing those tights outside. Incidentally, looking back through my early copies of Busen they featured lots of models by Howard Roark I now have in my nudes, but tended to be sets of two images, maybe four in each edition.

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Now for the bad news! No real explanation required with this nudes of Roberta Pedon by Howard Roark. Members Login You are not logged in.

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