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If Club had been operating 30 years ago I think it would have been popular.

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All the other youth tour operators are the same. Those who think it is a stupid way to enjoy yourself must have their own way sex having fun.

GRAPHIC VID: Shock as girls have sex on club floor in extreme Ayia Napa footage

Some people like to work, watch TV or read books. People who don't like vibrating toothbrush masturbate clip should not go on that type of holiday.

Why take your family to Kavos when it is known to be a drink-fuelled place where young people go for hour partying? Go half an hour down the road to Corfu town - it is beautiful and peaceful. I became a rep in I'd never been on a sex before, but a friend went on sex and said he thought I had the personality to do it.

Police seek Club 18-30 girls over sex show

I lived in Morecambe and was MC-ing at clubs. My stage name was Jester because I was always bouncing around and buzzing. I went to the interview and it was amazing. There were about people, all mad like myself, wanting to party, have a laugh and get this job.